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New to N3C? Here is some more information about us!

New to Northern Colorado Cowboy Church?

Here at N3C, we are a home for Pioneers, Visioneers, Barrier Breakers, and those who like to color outside the lines!

Cowboy Church is about heart and passion. You don't have to be a cowboy at all! The thing that draws us together is what we call a "Pioneering Spirit." This Pioneering Spirit is the adventure that was offered to the disciples when Jesus said, "Come and follow Me!"

It was the beginning of their destiny. That same invitation is being extended to each of us daily. Jesus invites us to experience the goodness of what is yet to be discovered with God!

Whatever your journey has been we are so thankful that you have been lead here! You have a place here as part of our family! Things are about to get really good!

Welcome Home!

What do you want us to know about you? Connect with us down below, let us know that you are new or if you have any questions about our church!

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