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How to give at Northern Colorado Cowboy Church

Giving at N3C

We believe that giving is between you and God, so when you give, it is a private matter that we view as an act of worship. Therefor, we do not pass a plate or anything of the sorts at any point in our service. Instead, we have a table located at the east entrance of our auditorium for you to do so. We provide envelopes for you to fill out and to put your tithe in, or simply just put it into the slot marked Tithes and Offerings.

As a church we believe in tithing off of what we receive. Above our offering table, you will see a picture frame that shows what ministries we tithe to and what ministries we sew and give into!

Giving Online

If you'd like to give online to N3C, click the link below and you will be taken to site that you can give securely!