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About Us

Who is N3C? What does N3C believe? Is this a church for me and my family?

Where we come from

Northern Colorado Cowboy Church was founded and started in the year 2000 by Pastor's Darin and Lynette Gleghorn, who are still pioneering and leading our church today. They were ordained and sent by Glenn and Anne Smith of Midland, Texas, the apostles and founders of cowboy ministry and the founders of the International Western World Outreach Center and Rodeo Cowboy Ministries.

Who we are and what we believe at N3C

Though we are called a Cowboy Church, we are not cowboy specific. Instead we embody the spirit of a pioneer and celebrate the journey that comes with it.

Here at N3C our Mantra and Vision is simply this: Love God, Love People; Serve People, Serve God. What does this mean for us as a church? It is the vision of Pastor Darin and Pastor Lynette to train up people to love those around them as we are commanded to do in 1 John 4:20 & 21. Through loving other people around us we serve them which in turn serves God.

To add onto this, in our church we want to be three things always: Real, Relevant, and Relational. We refer to these as the 3 R's of our church.

Our Beliefs at N3C is that you are called and equipped to be the Church! We want to help cultivate and grow that in you and to send you out to be hope for this world.